Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada's "Abortion King" Criminal gets Order of Canada

Dr. Henry Morgenthaler, The man responsible for the mass slaughter of unborn children and the distress of women, today was awarded an Order of Canada, for his pioneering of abortion clinics in Canada and in making this outrage legal. It was Morgenthaler who, in 1969, opened the first illegal abortion clinic in Canada, in Montreal, and who was the plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that, in 1989, abolished all restrictions to abortion. Canada is the only industrialized nation with no restrictions on abortion.
Toronto's Catholic archbishop, Rev. Thomas Collins called the award a debasing of the medal, and anti-abortion groups noted that there were other people who have made genuine contributions to society
"Doctor" Morgenthaler recently was awarded an honorary doctorate at the University of Western Ontario.
Here's hoping that at least some of the Order's 75 members will turn in their medals!

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