Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama: He's Got What It Takes to Take What You've Got

Hello European Union, goodbye United States.

Goodbye market capitalism, prosperity and freedom, hello socialism.

So, the Obamessiah and his brains trust of People Who Are Smarter Than You Are, are out to flood the market with "stimulus" money, interfere with the running of business -- look what they've done to GM, firing its CEO and leading it into a "bankruptcy" that will not cut out the rot.

These are a bunch of people who are out to increase government share of GDP from 35% under the spendthrift Bush administration to a European 50%. In fast, Obama is using the current crisis as an opportunity to create a level of government intervention never seen before, with interventions in health care, energy and the environment.

Here's my crystal ball, for what it's worth:

Inflation: The U.S. money supply is expanding furiously, what with the stimulus effort. The government seeks to borrow heavily at low interest rates to finance both stimulus and its socialist agenda. But these won't remain low for long: once the economy picks up, inflation is going to roar with levels equal to the 1970's. There will be a collapse of the dollar, with China the big loser, and an effort to remove the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. Gold will skyrocket.

Energy and Environment: Here comes gas lineups, rationing and $200 oil. Obama will make matters worse with a "cap and trade" CO2 scam, by banning Canadian "dirty" oil from its largest, most secure trading partner, and by attempting to create so-called "green" jobs.

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